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Conference Entertainment August 2011 Highlights

A fantastic month of travel adventures and conference entertainment work  for corporate repeat clients.

Performing occasionally on select Cruise Ship engagements has some great pluses and the traveling highlight of the month for Sydney Corporate Entertainer was to get to spend a day both on Christmas Island and at the world heritage site of Borobudur in Central Java.

Christmas Island was a tantalising mix of wildlife spotting and history. Timothy added 10 new bird species to his Australian bird list including the rare Abbotts Booby. A place with a fascinating history – the phosphate mine, the Chinese miners and culture, the miners’ strike, the grave of the only body recovered from the HMAS Sydney and of course the refugee centre. Several memorials dot the shore of the many hundreds of people who have perished attempting to get to the island, risking all to have a chance at a better life.

Borobudur was very impressive. Equally so was the hair-raising high-speed drive to get there and back, complete with police escort – sirens and lights on. We seemed to spend most of the time on the wrong side of the road running red lights. But it is truly an amazing place and well worth the effort to get there.

In the corporate world, GDS International uses Timothy as their preferred MC for their Australian Summits. This was the third he has done, this time for Supply Chain executives from many major companies. A combination of MC duties with a little Mind Magic thrown in at various occasions.

This Month’s Photo
Timothy’s Travels – Borobudur, Central Java

Australian Entertainer

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