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Comedy Mentalist Australia – Timothy Hyde – July 2012 News

The highlight of the month for me was to facilitate a half day workshop with a small group of people exploring – creativity, productivity and personality types.

I can’t tell you who this group was because I signed a massive non disclosure agreement, but they worked in research in the medical field.

I love doing these workshops as I can pass on some of the tools and techniques I use in my shows. We explored how different personality types operate and how with a simple adjustment we can communicate and work with others better. The creative thinking tools allowed the group to freely generate a torrent of ideas and then evaluate them all with a triage process. We also touched on Memory Skills and saw a huge increase in their retention.

This group was only 10 people, but the sessions can be run for much larger groups.


This Months Photo

As I didn’t take any at the workshop for obvious reasons, another shot from last months trip to Pentecost Island.

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