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Corporate Master of Ceremonies – February 2012 Highlights

I love flying over to Perth!

The air and light is different there and it still feels like a land of opportunities. I was there to be MC at a mining conference for my friends at GDS International. We drove out to a beautiful golf resort in the Swan Valley and had an intense three days of sessions including Panels, Workshops and Working Groups.

I hate flying back from Perth!

You either waste a whole day with the time difference or suffer the overnight “Red Eye” getting into Sydney early in the morning. Got home just in time to experience the biggest storm I’ve ever seen in the Blue Mountains. The massive hail storm blocked the storm drains and subsequently our house was flooded. Yikes. Weeks later and still living with bare concrete floors waiting for the carpet insurance claim to be completed.

I finished the month out with a short cruise in New Zealand performing my Magic of the Mind Show. Sailing from Auckland to Dunedin I got to visit the beautiful small town of Akaroa and climb Mt Maunganui, two places I had never been been to. Also new, was a bit of back street wandering in Art Deco Napier discovering some nice suburban examples. Whole streets built in the decade following the massive earthquake and now nicely preserved and protected.

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