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Corporate Mentalist – Timothy Hyde – April 2012 News

They say luck favours those who are prepared for it.

A few years ago I was running a workshop at a conference for one of the sponsors. I had no dealings with the main conference organiser or the committee. I was staying overnight and had been invited to the gala dinner where my dear friend Raymond Crowe was the feature act. An hour or so before the dinner I was informed that they had not been happy with the MC they had been using and Ray had suggested I might be able to introduce him at the dinner that night. I did.

Several weeks later the organiser asked if I was available to MC the whole conference the next year. Bingo.

This client has now used me three times, in Australia, South Africa and in April took me over to New Zealand to run the conference there. Staying at the beautiful Langham hotel in Auckland we had close encounters with teen boy band One Direction who were also at the hotel.

It was a sensational event, including a night of harness racing and a keynote by astronaut Greg Chamitoff (seen here ) who is a big magic fan and we even performed an effect together onstage during his opening keynote.



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