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Motivational Magic – December 2012 Highlights

Unlike a lot of performers, December is usually fairly quiet for me. I like that.

It started with a motivational magic talk to the volunteers from TimeHelp What a great concept. Matching up retired people with schools who need an extra experienced pair of hands. Great stories, great people.

We then headed down the South Coast for a large Trivia event for Shoalhaven City Council. This was a huge night with a disco theme. Fantastic costumes and great fun. We have done many trivia events over the years, but this may be our last one, preferring now to focus on a consultancy role. Information website here –  http://www.Trivia.com.au

Spent a couple of nights exploring Mollymook staying at Banisters with dinner at Rick Steins.

Then a big cruise to finish off the year, sailing up to Tonga from Auckland, before coming back via Fiji. I loved Tonga, got very hot and muddy exploring the back streets of Nuku’ alofa, heard some amazing singing at the local church  & had a delicious traditional raw fish salad Ota Ika.

This Months Photo
Returning from the Utukalongalu Market, Neiafu, Tonga

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